How the Midwest was One: & Furthermore

by algo underground

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ALGO UNDERGROUND is a rotating cast of musicians who approach their improvisational music as a fearless team sport. Schooled and unschooled players interact producing unpredictable, raw material. Their goals are to listen, react, play nothing familiar, and record everything. That product is then mined under a microscope (in Protools) measure by measure, beat by beat. It's looped, cut, remixed, overdubbed, and composed after the fact into funky new beasts altogether.  Otherworldly evolving grooves, often in odd time signatures, create a lush, syncopated groundwork over which soloists explore trading melodies, solos, and riffs in this unapologetically robust instrumental release.


released May 8, 2017

ALGO UNDERGROUND- How the Midwest was One: & Furthermore
1 commute of drones 04:14
2 the fed up get down PT1 10:50
3 coordinated attack havoc PT1 06:29*
4 an end to begin again 08:55
5 be with me now 07:10
6 a dream of waking PT2 07:51
7 ray of light thrill ride 07:39**
8 the only way out is in 05:50
9 the hungry beast feast 17:25

Max Cherryfield- Drums on all tracks Piano on track 1 Hammond organ on tracks 2,4,9 Mellotron on tracks 1,4,9
Skinny Lou Kingston- Guitar on all tracks Electric bass on track 7
Professor Stringfellow- Electric Bass on tracks 1,3,4,5,6,9 Acoustic bass on track 8
Angus Dungoody- Hammond Organ on tracks 1,4,6,7,8 Electric bass on track 2 Mellotron on track 1 Piano on track 9
Ravio Sanchez- Wah guitar on tracks 1,2,4,5,6,8,9
Ruff Kutt- Drums on tracks 1,4,5,6,8,9 Keys on track 3
Judd Kinsworthy- Cello on tracks 1,4,5,6,8,9
Noose Meyers- Trumpet on tracks 2,3,5,6,7,8
Jim Smoothy- Trumpet on tracks 1,4,6,9
Gator "Wow" Williams- Bari Sax on tracks 1,4,6,8
Evander Bierest- Sax on tracks 4,7,9
Kiki Pearl- Trombone on track 7
Phat D Zeiher- Rhythm Trombone on track 7

Ambient intros/outros:
Max Cherryfield- synth & accordion
Kiki Pearl- trombone & vocalizations

All tracks are by Algo Underground and were recorded, mixed, and edited on ProTools at Two Fish Recording Studios in Mankato, MN, unless otherwise noted.
*recorded at Prof's Loft in St. Peter, MN
**recorded by Zoom @Jake's Kiln Firing in Henderson, MN

Original recordings and overdubs occurred between 7-11-10 and 2-28-15.
Additional overdubs, editing, remixing, and mastering occurred through 4-19-17
Digital editing, mixing, post composing, and overdub engineering: Cam Johnson
Recording Engineers: Wes Schuck, Craig Matarrese, Rachel Mogck, Matt Schooll
Mastered at Studio 6 and Solitudinous Mastering Studios in Mankato, MN
Mastering Engineer: Damen Price


Cover Art by Cam Johnson (

Special thanks to Kristi Schuck, Zillah Glory, and Ryan Sturgis.

Dedicated in loving memory to Wes Schuck (aka "Awesome" Angus Dungoody)

Completion of this music was made possible by an Artist Grant from the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council with funds provided by the McKnight Foundation.



all rights reserved


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